Security & Safety

Privacy and data protection

Eventboost has put in place appropriate policies and procedures to feed all the good practices, which constitute a comprehensive privacy management program. Such a program helps foster a culture of privacy throughout the entire organization because we do believe that privacy is vital to our business and trust in data protection is essential for our customers.

  • Personal data information are not shared or sold to third parties.
  • Personal data processing is performed with the highest standard and according to law requirements.
  • Privacy policy statement is available at:

Respect for privacy at Eventboost

Eventboost ensures the respect for privacy at all levels of the organization and has adopted appropriate internal procedures.

  • When hired the employees are subject to specific credentials checks.
  • All employees are fully informed about the internal policy and operating procedures.
  • All employees are required to acknowledge their responsibilities of protecting personal data and privacy.

Production environment for data and privacy protection

Eventboost’s production systems are hosted by Amazon EC2.

Web and Mobile Security

Eventboost is strongly committed to designing, building, and maintaining secure systems.

  • The web platform and mobile applications are developed, deployed and maintained by the internal engineering team and no others can access data for any use.
  • Encryption keys are hold by the smallest number Eventboost employees possible.
  • Credit card information is encrypted with secure standard protocols such as AES and SSL.
  • Credit card information is not stored after transaction.
  • No credit card information is never stored on mobile devices.
  • SSL encryption is always used for the storage and transmission of personal sensitive information.
  • All kinds of personal data (events data, organizer details, customers information, guest lists, etc.) are encrypted with secure standard protocols such as AES and SSL while in transmission through Eventboost systems, from web platform to tablet app and viceversa.
  • Eventboost’s website and APIs are accessible via a 256-bit SSL certificate issued by Digicert.