• Choose the best solution for your next event
    webinars and online events
    Virtual Events and Webinars

    Learn more about our platform to manage virtual events, online meetings, and webinars. Connect a meeting or video platform of your choice, or use our Event Platform for broadcasting and live-streaming.

    hybrid events
    Hybrid Events and Virtual Sessions

    Explore our solution for hybrid events, and manage effortlessly virtual breakout sessions, 1:1 meetings, online roundtables, product showcases, video calls, Q&A, polls, chats, and much more.

  • virtual events and webinars

    Each event is unique. Choose the option to host your virtual event or online webinar.

    • Use our Event Platform to manage the broadcast of large conferences and the live-stream of smaller events, breakout sessions, and webinars.
    • Connect Eventboost to the most popular meeting and video platforms on the market, including Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, GoToMeeting, Skype for Business, Vimeo, YouTube, or any other solution of your choice (explore all options compatible with Eventboost).
    • Manage guests lists efficiently by monitoring guests' registration and attendance. Perform automated virtual check-ins as soon as your attendees join the event or log-in to a virtual session.
    • Create beautiful event pages and websites and customized save the dates, email invitations, confirmations, reminders, and attendance certificate.
  • A branded and fully white-labeled platform for your virtual events.

    • Reach your guests around the globe by broadcasting large conferences, keynotes, conventions, and summits.
    • Manage the live-stream of smaller events, breakout sessions, and webinars professionally.
    • Create an impactful and fully branded virtual experience for your guests by incorporating the event agenda, speaker and participant lists, downloadable documents, activity feed, images, pre-recorded videos, on-demand contents, and more.
    event app
  • audience engagement

    It’s all about engagement! Enhance your guests’ experience.

    • Bring the audience engagement during the live-stream to new levels using Q&A, live polls, surveys, chats, note-taking features, challenging gamification tools such as Trivia questions, leaderboards, and more.
    • Boost networking allowing guests to participate in virtual workshops, 1:1 meeting, roundtables, and product showcase.
    • Transform your Event Platform into a profitable revenue generator connecting your audience with event sponsors and their peers ().
  • We all deserve flexibility. Connect Eventboost with meeting and video platforms of your choice.

    • Use our robust and easy-to-set-up integrations with the most popular meeting and video platforms on the market to run small events and webinars.
    • Eventboost connects with Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, GoToMeeting, Skype for Business, Vimeo, YouTube, or any other platform of your choice.
    • Get immediate access to attendance rates through our instantaneous virtual check-ins, and download detailed real-time reports before, during, and after the event.
    • Work efficiently and save time! Manage multiple virtual events simultaneously, and duplicate them instantaneously.
    online meetings and web conferencing
  • hybrid events

    Transforming your in-person events into memorable hybrid experiences.

    • Activate the Eventboost “Hybrid event mode” to virtualize one or multiple sessions of your in-person event.
    • Handle high-quality live-streams professionally and seamlessly. Otherwise, connect a video platform of your choice, including Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cisco WebEx, GoToMeeting, YouTube, Vimeo, and more.
    • Our Event Platform is available for laptops, mobile devices, and native apps on the App Store and Google Play Store, allowing you to deliver memorable content and offer networking opportunities to virtual and in-person attendees!
  • Enjoy a single event platform that combines virtual with on-site.

    • Set visible content for guests attending on-site and for those participating virtually.
    • Customize the Event Platform to increase your brand influence and amaze your audience with personalized content and graphics.
    • Build your event by incorporating the agenda, lists of speakers, documents, maps, images, video galleries, activity feed, sponsor areas, info pages, and more.
    • Keep your audience always entertained! Engage your guests with Q&A, polls, and surveys. Try trivia questions, challenges, leaderboards, and more.
    virtual and on-site events
  • live stream event

    Reach your audience everywhere, and let them feel part of your in-person event.

    • The Eventboost platform allows you to go-hybrid and to incorporate event broadcasting and live-streams for your in-person event.
    • Boost engagement by allowing on-site and virtual guests to participate in the same Q&A session, poll, and live quiz.
    • Prove that it works! Collect event data at any time, and measure attendance to specific sessions, guests’ participation, engagement, and more.
  • Isn’t just streaming. A flexible all-in-one platform for all your events.

    • Build a customized event platform that helps you reach your event goals and connect more effectively with your audience, both on-site and virtually.
    • Manage your event from A to Z. Streamline guests’ registrations, use email marketing to convert invitees into attendees, broadcast or live-stream your event and sessions, track virtual and on-site attendances, engage your audience before, during, and after the live-streaming event.
    • Endless options to fully personalize your event platform and meet your branding and content requirements!
    event streaming